FACT 1 We millennials sit in front of computer screens on average 9.5 hours a day*

TRUTH People who work on a computer or laptop for a prolonged period has a much higher chance to develop ‘Office Syndrome’, a symptom where neck and back muscle feels stiff, ache or even painful.

The hard-working, all-out lifestyles of our lifestyle may cause the tense of neck and back muscle that creates irritating pain. The cost of this is the sub-optimal work or performance that we sometimes cannot accept.

*(Survey from MedicalBillingandCoding.org)

FACT 2 30% of injuries from exercise are caused by muscular inflammation, contraction from repeated movements

TRUTH Exercise and muscle pain are inevitable counterparts. No pain no gain!

The variety of intense activities and exercise that we do may result in stiff movement in joints, muscle injury during, and consequently chronic pain, preventing us to perform their best for each of our favorite activities.

Introducing… STRETCH•ME

We want you to be the best version of you, every day. At Stretch•me, we help you stretch, so that you can forget about the pain, strain, and stiffness on your body while you get out there and work hard toward your goal.

Stretching eases muscle pains, reduces the risk of prolonged injury, improves posture, and many more. Our Physical Therapists help you get the most out of each stretch by providing the right stretching techniques, consulting, and that little extra push.