STRETCH for...

We want you to be the best version of you, every day. At Stretch•me clinic, we help you stretch, so that you can forget about the pain, strain, and stiffness on your body while you get out there and work hard toward your goal.

Stretching eases muscle pains, reduces the risk of prolonged injury, improves posture, and many more. Our Stretching Specialists help you get the most out of each stretch by providing the right stretching techniques, consulting, and that little extra push. 🙂



We use the static stretching technique, which is the most popular type of stretching that also minimize the risk of injury. Our Stretching Specialist will help you get the most out of your stretching.


We designed courses specific to how you use your body and also left some time to focus on your specific pain point (trigger point). Session ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


All of our Stretching Specialist (SSs) are certified in the Science of Physiology and Sport Science by well-known institutions in Thailand. Their techniques are further enhanced and standardized by our experienced physicians.


Stretch•me clinic is managed by Let’s Relax Spa, Thailand’s largest boutique chain spa with the experience of operating wellness spa of more than 35 locations across Asia.


Whether you are a sports person, office person, or a tourist, there is a menu that suits you. For the best stretch experience, you will need to change into comfy Stretching kit which will be provided for free.


THB1200 60 mins

For guests who experience muscle stiffness caused by all types of exercises.


THB1200 60 mins

For guests who have symptoms around the neck, shoulders, or back.


THB1400 60 - 75 mins

Expert examination by physiotherapists. Manual stretching combined with ultrasound therapy to alleviate muscle pain and tension, providing personalized care for optimal well-being.


THB1800 60 - 75 mins

Top of the line program, combines High power laser therapy and Ultrasound to relive pain and accelerate muscle repair. Expert examination and manual stretching by physiotherapists providing personalized care for optimal well-being.

During trigger point relieving (15 min), the Specialist focuses on alleviating the pain from a specific muscle group.


  • This is different from regular massage elsewhere where I can just fall asleep. Stretching consists of muscle pulling which really relieves the pain I have.

    Narut W.

    Financial Analyst

  • I can now grab stuff at the back of my car seat without any pain! Thanks!

    Santiwat A.


  • It’s cool to have a specialist who analyzes my symptoms and provide a personalized instructions on how to follow up the stretch at home.

    Tamontorn A.



For Booking:
Please call the branch that you would like to book
or book us through LINE ID: @stretchme

For other Inquiries
Please contact us at: @stretchme



You can currently book your session by calling the branch that you want to go. Moreover, the records of your previous visits are shared among our branch so you can continue your sessions to any branch that is most convenient for you.

Stretching is for people who are older than 10 years old.

However, guests with following conditions should let us know and may be denied from service:

  • Serious health issues such as thrombosis epilepsy, liver disorder, or cancer
  • Injuries related to bone, joints, or spinal cords
  • Pregnant
  • High blood pressure

If you are not sure whether you can do stretching, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Please follow us on our official Line@ channel (@stretchme) for new promotions or call to ask one of our branch.

Except from express stretching (30 minutes), all guests need to get changed into a T-shirt and cotton pants which will be provided at our studio. This allows for a better comfort during your stretch.

Stretching are meant to pull your muscle to reduce muscle strain and tightening, so you might feel the tension in your muscle during the final seconds of each stretch. However, stretching should not cause pain to the guess. Please definitely let your specialist know if he or she is putting too much pressure on your muscle.

Definitely! If there is any part of your body that you want our Stretching Specialist to focus or avoid, you can tell your Specialist right away. What’s more, we will keep track of your preferred points so that you don’t have to tell us again every time you visit us.